About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 2003, Think Drink Inc. (TDI) is a promotional products supplier headquartered in London, Ontario with a regional office outside of Toronto.

TDI ‘s experienced team conceptualize, develop and source branded merchandise solutions that increase both sales and consumer awareness. We do work with both very large companies (Sleeman, MolsonCoors) as well as small start ups like those presently gaining notoriety in the craft beer segment (Nickel Brook, Side Launch).

We source from a network of established factories in Canada, USA and China. Our mantra is to source the highest quality items, with the most utility, at the best possible price as you are about to see in our Crafted in Canada 150 product line.

Whether you purchase our sixty point paperboard coasters, real neoprene reversible koozies, ten colour oven-fired ceramic glassware or twenty gauge flat-rolled galvanized steel buckets and tubs, you will find our products will stand the test of time.

We know our items are the highest quality merchandise that can be offered in our industry and befitting of this milestone event.

Put this quality program to work for you! All of our items can be co-branded with your organization, event or company logo should you choose to make Canada’s 150th Birthday a part of your marketing initiatives this year.

Our Inspiration

My aunt Elizabeth, who still lives on her own, turned 93 this February and while we were celebrating her birthday I noticed some commemorative glasses in her cupboard—there was a set of eight Montreal Olympic collector glasses from 1976 in almost mint condition. I asked her why she kept these glasses and she replied “Why wouldn’t I? It was an historic event in our great country, and I look back on those memories fondly.”

This got me thinking.

How will my daughters remember this historic occasion? What will they tell their children about Canada’s 150th birthday and the celebrations they enjoyed? What memento will they keep to remember this commemorative year?

Our country is a great nation. It is diverse, beautiful, and hospitable. It is a place I am proud to call home. Let’s embrace it, I thought, and have fun doing it!

Our company has decided to spend this year embracing our uniquely Canadian legacy to commemorate and solidify this significant moment in our nation’s history that will be remembered by many generations for years to come.

As proud licensees of the Government of Canada, Crafted in Canada 150 is our contribution to Canada’s 150th birthday. We are offering exciting items, most importantly all crafted in Canada, to mark this celebration from coast to coast.

Show your pride in the ‘red and white’, and bring a little Canadiana into your organization, employees and clients..

Make Canada’s 150th birthday – a part of your year!

Laura & Peter Luchak
Founder, Think Drink Inc.